Songs Of Joy

Here are some songs I sing to my children which I made up myself:

High In The Sky
Named By: Daddy
Created For: FunnyMan, when aged 2
How And When:
Song for swinging on swings in the playground.
On each push Daddy must say “Higher than…’ and make the swing
go higher until it cannot go any higher or children are freaking out,
at which point Daddy must say ‘HIGH IN THE SKY!’

Higher than an aeroplane
Higher than a spaceship
Higher than a fluffy cloud
Higher than a fruitbat
Higher than a shiny moon
Higher than a jumping cat
Higher than a koala bear

The Pirate Song
Named By: FunnyMan
Created For: FunnyMan aged 4 and FunnyGirl aged 2
How and When:
Sung in a Pirate voice, my children love this at any time including bedtime. The tune and refrain are straight from an advertisement from my youth for Birdseye Fish Fingers.

I’ll sing you a song, a song of the sea
Birdseye Fish Fingers!!
I have ’em lunch and I have ’em for tea
Birdseye Fish Fingers!!
I love ’em coz they’re so crunch-y
And if you don’t eat ’em up You’ll Walk The Plank!!
Birdseye Fish Fingers!!

FunnyGirl’s PlayList
Named By: Daddy
Created For: FunnyGirl aged 2
How and When:
For FunnyGirl when sh’s going off to sleep.

Incy Pider (Incy Wincy Spider)
Twinkle Twink Sta Wun Wot Are (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Baa Baa Seep (Baa Baa Black Sheep)
Roary Race Car (Roary Racing Car)
Round An Round (The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round)
Tat Tat (The Ladies On The Bus Go Chat Chat Chat)
Tick Clock (Hickory Dickory Dock)
Row Row Boat (Row Row Row Your Boat )


3 Responses to “Songs Of Joy”

  1. baraholka1 Says:

    Love to the documentation of our family life….such good fun and such a thrill to be the one hearing these sung live and unplugged!!! Love Baraholka”ess”

  2. cathw66 Says:

    Aah Captain Birdseye. I thought that one may have only existed in my mind…

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