Glossary Of Terms

Meaning: Device for retrieving, storing, transforming and transmitting images, video and text.
Created By: FunnyGirl Aged 3 yrs 0 months

Daddy: Dang. It’s crashed again.
FunnyGirl: Coocoopooder is havwing a west iszznnit ?
Daddy: Yes. Coocoopooder is having a rest.

Meaning: Obstructive; Frustrating
Created By: FunnyMan Aged 5 yrs 11 months

Daddy: FunnyMan! Come and have breakfast.
FunnyMan: No. I am drawing.
Daddy: Its not time for drawing. Come and have breakfast.
FunnyMan: Daddy! You are disgustable!
Daddy: Really ?
FunnyMan: Yes! When you say ‘Come and have breakfast’ you disgust me.

Meaning: Happy
Created By: FunnyMan Aged 5 yrs 6 months
‘eeph’ is the written form of ‘Happy’. It comes from sounding out the phonemes in ‘Happy’ and writing them down in reverse order. ‘Happy’ ends with a phonetic ‘ee’ hence the first letter in ‘happy’ is ‘ee’.

Jesus Yoghurt
Meaning: Yoghurt packaged in a container decorated with Disney or Pixar characters
Created By: FunnyGirl Aged 2 years 5 months

FunnyGirl (in supermarket, pointing and yelling): Look! Jesus Yogurt!!
Daddy: (examines Yoghurt with picture of Nemo the Clownfish) Yes, Jesus Yoghurt.
FunnyGirl: I eat it!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!

FunnyGirl’s children’s bible contains pictures of people drawn in a way slightly reminiscent of Disney or Pixar.
Hence any Disney-like cartoon drawing on an item makes that a ‘Jesus’ item.

Related Terms
Jesus Cake: Meaning ‘Birthday Cake’, derived from Christmas = Jesus’ Birthday
Jesus Plate: Novelty plate decorated with pictures of Ariel, Cinderella and Goldilocks (also known as ‘Princess Plate’)

Robot Shop
Created By: FunnyGirl Aged 3 Yrs 2 Months

Daddy: FunnyGirl, did Mummy go to the Robot Shop?
FunnyGirl: Yep.
Daddy: What happened at the Robot Shop ?
FunnyGirl: It was noisy and I was crying and Mummy’s back was hurting
and I went out and get a sticker and I came home.

The Chiropractor’s work bench on which the patent lies and on
which the Chiropractor makes adjustments makes loud clunking and slamming noises
which sound like a robot.

Juvenile plant
Created By: FunnyMan Aged 4

FunnyMan: Daddy, what kind of seekling is that ?
Daddy: That one is a carrot.
FunnyMan: Is it growing ?

A goat
Created By: FunnyGirl Aged 2

FunnyGirl: Sheep! Sheeep! Sheeeeeeeeep!
Daddy: They’re not sheep, FunnyGirl. They’re Goats. See their beards and horns ?
FunnyGirl: Sheep! Sheep!
Daddy: No, sweetheart, they’re…ah who cares…. Come here Sheep.
FunnyGirl: Sheep.

Meaning A: A thick warm pair of zip-up winter pyjamas
Created By: FunnyMan Aged 3

FunnyMan: Daddy, put me in my suitcase.
Daddy: Ok. [Ziiiip]. There you go. Night-night.
FunnyMan: Can I have a story ?

Meaning B: Linen covering for a pillow
Created By: FunnyGirl Aged 2

Daddy: Time to go to bed.
FunnyGirl: Suitcase! Suitcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
Daddy: Ok. There you go. Sleep tight.
FunnyGirl: Mmm-nnn-mmmm.

A candied peppermint sweet, brand name Mentos.
Abbrev: Man
Created By: FunnyMan, aged 3, Abbrev by FunnyGirl aged 20 months.

FunnyMan: Daddy, I want a Tippy-Toe-Man.
Daddy: Ok. [Thinks: What in blazes is that ?] Can you eat it ?
FunnyMan: Yes.
Daddy: [Gloat. Great Hunch!] Is it in the fridge ?
FunnyMan: No.
Daddy: [Uh-Oh] Where is it ?
FunnyMan: In the car.
Daddy: [The Car???] Did Mummy give it to you ?
FunnyMan: Yes.
[Search of car finds a half-eaten roll of Mentos]
Daddy: Is this it ?
FunnyMan: Yes. Give it to me.

Usage Of Abbreviated Form
Daddy: Hi everyone, I’m home.
FunnyGirl (Aged 1): Man! Man!
Daddy: Hello sweetheart. Give Daddy a kiss
FunnyGirl: No! No! Man! Man! Man! (Screams and cries)
Daddy: [Hands over Mento]
FunnyGirl: Look, maaaan.

A speech sound produced without occluding, diverting, or obstructing the flow of air from the lungs of which thre are five in the English Language.
Created By: FunnyMan, aged 6 (just).

Mummy: Oh look FunnyMan, here is a picture of Miss Mitchell getting married and saying her vows
FunnyMan: Did she say “A. E, I, O, U”
Mummy: Er, yes, probably.

Cat which watches TV with you.
Also: WatchDog, WatchGirl, WatchBoy
Created By: FunnyGirl, aged 3.

FunnyGirl: Swishy is a WatchCat. He watchded TV with me.
Daddy: How beautiful!
FunnyGirl: Yes, He is a WatchDog and I am a WatchGirl snd FunnyMan is a WatchBoy.


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  1. baraholka1 Says:

    H there, this is the exact same thing that happens in our house when my husband arrives home….oh hang on it is my house.
    Very funny indeed, love your inspiration.

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