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Citrix Presentation Server Installation Fails: Installer Internal Error 2753 icaconf.exe. 827545c6_7013_4DE_1_8E6C_DAEE4C57F54A

May 28, 2009

My Favourite GUID

I’ve been installing all the necessary components for some product testing using Citrix Presentation Server. I was given a large Powershell script that is meant to provision the Test Environment automatically but it turned out to be extremely fragile. Consequently I’ve spent a couple of days working through installation bugs and conflicts.

It came time to install Presentation Server itself and the MSI failed with the satisfyingly geeky error message in the title.

Citrix Knowledge Base and Forums gave a few possibilities for the problem:
1) Upgrading from a previous version of Presentation Server (PS) to a newer version will fail if you have upgraded your existing PS box with a newer version of the Program Neighbourhood client than comes with your XenApp Server upgrade.

2) The installation media is corrupt.

3) There is an active RDP session into the box in which you are running the install/upgrade and that RDP session is running PN.exe

None of those seemed to apply in my case.

Then a freaking genius of a colleague made a freakingly sensible suggestion. ‘Try installing Presentation Server on a clean VM image’. The purity of the revelation transported me to ecstatic visions. Yes Yes Yes!!! Clean Image! And it WORKED.

My task now was relatively simple: Retire and devise a tax-deductible religion based on this insight. After that, look at the differences between my two VM Images and by means of good old Divide and Conquer find out why Presentation Server did not install into my Test Server Image.

Forensic Deconstruction

First, I noticed that on my clean server Image the Management Console component of PS was deselected i.e. not selected for installation. So I tried that on my Test Server. No luck. Installation failed: same error.

Second, I compared the Operating System Services and running processes on the two VMs. I made the two as identical as possible in this regard by stopping Services and Processes on my Test Server that were not running on my clean Server and then tried to install. No luck. Installation failed: same error.

Third, I compared what other Citrix products I had installed on my clean Server as opposed to my Test Server. I noticed two: Access Management Console and Citrix Plug In Pack I uninstalled ACM and then tried to install PS. No luck. Installation failed: same error.

Fourth, I uninstalled Citrix Plug In Pack and then tried to install XenApp Server. Well, Pickle my Grandmother. It actually installed. Break out the Bolly!

Then I went back and installed the Management Console (just re-ran the MSI)
(Trumpets, popping corks and unrestrained hooting fill the air. HEY YOU! Put down that FERRET!)

…so its installed.

To sum up: I uninstalled Citrix Plug In Pack, then I was able to install Presentation Server. That got rid of Installer Internal Error 2753 icaconf.exe. 827545c6_7013_4DE_1_8E6C_DAEE4C57F54A

Exactly why, I don’t know. Do you think I’m a freaking genius or something ???