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SSRS: User Does Not Have Permission. Cannot see any Reports Or Folders.

September 4, 2012

We set up our SSRS ReportManager, wrote reports then handed off to the test team person.

I added the user as a System User under Site Settings and then gave them Browser permissions on the Folder
containing the reports. I instructed the user to access the ReportManager at http://machine/reports and confidently sat back to
await their screams of joy at the gorgeous reports I had written.

Like a bucket of ice water in the face at 2am I was assaulted by this message in an email:

User ‘Domain\person’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed.

I fiddled with Trusted Sites, started her IE in Administrator mode and read all number of intriguing articles about rsconfig and Windows Impersonation but none of it seemed quite real and then a beautiful someone alerted me to ‘Folder Settings’, or maybe I figured it out myself. I can’t remember.

Yes, giving my user ‘Browser’ privs in Folder Settings from ReportServer Home Page as well as giving them ‘Browser’ on the folder containing their reports was what it took to allow my testing team person to test. Screams of joy now indeed fill the office.


SSRS Cannot Access Report Manager Home Page On Default URL

August 6, 2012

Semi-loyal fans: just a quick nibble today…

My team lead installed SQL Server Reporting Services on my DEV machine and asked me to ‘get it working’. Both of us are noobs at SSRS installation.

I found that SSRS was indeed installed by opening the Reporting Services Configuration Manager but I could not access the Report Manager home page which was at http://machinename/ReportServer_SQL2008R2.

After a lifesource-draining 67 mins. of googling, the answer was of course incredibly simple.

The URLs http://machinename and http://localhost need to be added as Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. To do this, run IE in Adminstrator Mode and follow instructions kindly supplied by Microsoft Support Knolwedge Base here. See instructions and point 7 “Configure Report Server for Local Administration”.

For this glorious solution I thank of course Microsoft Support and the linkee Anitha6320269, currently scoring 0 points on the social msdn forums with no recorded recent achievements. Anitha, may your score increase to levels beyond your nick!

UPDATE: Two Hours Later

Weird. A couple of hours later I could not access the Report Server Page. I was only getting a Directory Listing of the Report Server site, not the actual landing page. So I had to turn off Windows user Account Control. I did that by following this link.

Deploying Reports To The SSRS Report Server

Cool. I can see an SSRS page. Now, how to stuff my Reports in there. What you need to do is the following:

– Create a SSRS Report in a Report Server Project using Visual Studio 2008 (VS 2010 doesn’t have Report Server Projects yet)
– In Properties for that Project specify the TargetReportFolder and TargetServerURL

The Target Server URL is not the same as your Report Server URL. The reason for this is that the TargetServerURL attribute in Properties refers to

ReportViewer Website Data Sources Pane Suddenly Shows As Empty

March 22, 2009

It Was There A Moment Ago

I was happily using the excellent and free ReportViewer add-on Control when suddenly I noticed that the Website Data Sources Panel was blank. This is a Category Orange catastrophe for ReportViewer as it means that you can no longer easily add data items to the report without hacking the rdlc file.

Risking Anaphylactic Shock
I responded to this issue with my normal professional saviour-faire, entering an insane frenzy of clicking every available menu option interspersed with hyperactive Googling and masking my sweaty fear by eating handfuls of peanuts.

Just as I was about to sacrifice my emergency sacred ferret to a graven image of Bill Gates I fluked a gigantic ‘WHAT-THE’ on one of my semi-random Menu options. When selecting Report->DataSources from the Visual Studio 2005 main menu (NB you must be currently editing the rdlc file for this menu item to be visible) I got this error message:

“Cannot compile ajaxtoolkit.dll”.

Now, our Web Project has a reference to ajaxtoolkit.dll in the Bin folder which always throws a Compilation Warning. Could ReportViewer be touchy about this ? So I excluded the offending dll from the Project, recompiled the project et voila,…nothing happened…ONLY KIDDING!!.. WebSite DataSources came flowing in as contentedly as obese Policmen to a Krispy Kreme franchise.

Replicating The Problem
1. Have a bad Reference in your Bin folder e.g. put in the wrong path to a dll
2. Edit any DataSet that currently shows in your WebSite Data Sources Window in Visual Studio XML editor (e.g add a new column to a DataTable)
3. Recompile your app.
4. WebSite Data Sources Window goes blank.

Fixing The Problem
1. Exclude the bad Reference from your project
2. Recompile
3. WebSite DataSources return
4. Return emergency ferret to cage.

Others On The Journey Of Pain
Fellow desperado gtrfinder also had to kill bad dlls to make his Website Data Sources Window populate. Others in that ASP.NET Forums thread report various workarounds. Good Luck!

What Is This Thing Called ReportViewer ?
Its like a baby brother to SQL Server Reporting Services Reports, but you don’t need SQL Server. The only dependency is the .NET 2.0 (or better) Framework. Nice for a free Reporting Solution for .NET. I got onto it while hunting for a way to easily do Drill-Down Reports in .NET. It ships with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Here’s the MSDN write-up with some getting started tutorials.