XamComboBox ComboBoxItemsProvider Very Slow In XamDataGrid

I had a page which took 10 seconds to load. When I removed the XamDataGrid Column containing my ComboBoxProvider it took less than 2 seconds to load.

The fix to make it faster was to initialize the ComboBoxProvider through a much faster class. Because ComboBoxProvider is being created once per row, the savings were massive. I also threw away some redundant Binding which cut down on processing time for every DataGridRow.

So I changed this:

igEdit:ComboBoxItemsProvider x:Key="SlowOperationTypeProvider"
ItemsSource="{Binding Source={x:Static enum:EnumDictionary.OperationTypeDictionary}}"
DisplayMemberPath="Key" ValuePath="Value"

To This

igEdit:ComboBoxItemsProvider x:Key="FastOperationTypeProvider"
ItemsSource="{Binding Source={x:Static classlib:Defaults.OperationTypes}}"

EnumDictionary uses Reflection to read a .NET DescriptionAttribute which contains a user-friendly Description for my OperationType Enum. SlowComboBoxItemsProvider iterated through the Enum, used Reflection and Object Casting to create its Dictionary, then used Reflection again to perform DataBinding.

FastComboBoxItemsProvider extracted only the Keys (strings) from an already created EnumDictionary and did not require DisplaymMemberPath or ValueMemberPath attributes. Like I say, I saved 8 seconds in a DataGrid containing only 10 rows.


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