EnterpriseLibrary ExceptionHandlingBlock EventLog Not Written

This is a bit of a newb ‘have you tied your shoelaces together’ kind of post, but since I fit the aforementioned category… what the heck…

Yeah, so my EventLogs were getting written, then later on they weren’t getting written, so what changed ?

Well I sat down and picked carefully through my app.config using the Enterprise Library Configuration Tool trying to see whether or not all the bits were connected properly. And what I think I saw was that the Logging Category of my Logging Exception Handler was set to ‘General’ but that under ‘Logging Settings’ the ‘General’ category did not have the Event Log Trace Listener added to it.

So I added ‘EventLogTraceListener’ to ‘General’ and simultaneously removed it from another category,’Logging Errors And Warnings’.

Except nothing happened…still no EventLog.

Except that when I closed my hosting app again and reopened the Configuration manager again and generally opened and closed the car doors in a futile attempt to make something change… it suddenly worked.

So Partial Huzzah (PHUZ)!. Nah, bugger it: HUZZAH!

That feels better.


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