Only First External Javascript File Loads

Spent this morning chasing my tail on this one.

We use SexyLightBox as our preferred overlay in all our Web Apps. I was instructed to go to the code vault, disinter a never released app., hose it off, put a new pair of trousers on it and otherwise make it presentable for release, which meant incorporating SexyLightBox v2.2 into it. SexyLightBox 2.2 which is a JQuery PlugIn has a dependency on another Plugin called ‘Easing’..

The sick thing was, I could only get one of these Plugins to load into the browser at any one time. If I put jquery.easing.1.3.js first in the head tag, then it would load, but not sexylightbox.v2.2.jquery.js and if I put sexylightbox first then jquery.easing would not load.

The solution, so simple it makes my teeth ache, was that I had closed my script tags using the shorthand notion , simply using / instead of longhand using /script as beautifully described here, at the Brain Of Dave.

That’s all there is to it. All homage to the Brain Of Dave.


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