Yet Another Reason Why Breakpoints Will Not Be Hit In Visual Studio: You are running Cassini.

I would imagine this is probably the most common reason why breakpoints are not hit: the Web Application is running under Cassini.

Cassini is the built-in Web Server that comes with Visual Studio 2005/2008. It’s a lightweight Web Server provided to spare you the trouble of setting up IIS on your local machine. But being lightweight it can’t do everything and one thing it cannot do is provide debug support. This ASP.NET forum post, ‘Debugging aspx hosted by Cassini’ provides some discussion on the issue.

To debug in Visual Studio when running Cassini you have to manually attach the debugger to the Cassini Process.

To paraphrase Kiliman in his forum post:

In VS.NET, it’s Debug | Processes…

Find WebDev.WebServer.exe in list of running processes and click Attach. Make sure Managed Code or Automatic is selected from the Attach To: DropDownList

If you don’t want to manually attach the debugger every time, then make your site IIS based then go to the Project Properties and change your settings from from internal webserver to IIS.

Here’s an interesting tip from an old Cassini information page for Framework Version 1.1 that allows you to Debug under Cassini without manually attaching that might still work in later Framework versions. I haven’t tried it myself yet. Basically you make Cassini the Start Application for your Debug Build Configuration and define your Web App as a Command Line Parameter.

The reason that Cassini cannot participate in Visual Studio .NET Debugging without the debugger manually attaching to the process is that Visual Studio Debug Builds send a special (non-standard) HTTP Request to the Server using the DEBUG Verb called a Debug HTTP Request. IIS knows how to handle Debug HTTP Requests but Cassini does not.

The DEBUG Verb is used by IIS to verify that the process of the application is running and to automatically select the correct process to attach the Visual Studio debugger to. Its a non-standard HTTP Verb invented by Microsoft for its own purposes, that’s why generic Web Servers like Cassini don’t handle it. See Stack Overflow here.


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