Cannot Drag Additional Table From Server Explorer Into Existing DataSet (.xsd) Failed to add TableAdapter.

Just a short one here,…

I have a very complicated DataSet (.xsd) file and our schema is being updated. I needed to drag a couple of new tables from the ServerExplorer into the DataSet Designer…but Visual Studio wouldn’t let me do it. I just got the ‘ghostbusters’ icon and the table would not drop.

Trying to work around the issue, I did right-click on Designer Add->TableAdapter and configured the Adapter but when clicking ‘Finish’ I got the error ‘Failed to add TableAdapter’ along with the SQL Named Pipes Provider error 40.

For half an hour I toyed with hand-coding the necessary table and all associated ADO.NET code directly into the DataSet designer file. Fortunately this madness subsided.

Then I created a new DataSet and copied/pasted the old DataSet from the Designer into the new one. This worked. No Named Pipes errors AND I was able to drag new tables into the Designer for the new DataSet. But this was all just a Journey Of Pain. I should be able to simply edit the existing DataSet. I threw a brick through the monitor and went home for a relaxing session of concreting the hamster (also here) to let my right-brain work on the problem unencumbered by reason.

Well today’s a new day and since it was my last straw, what I did was rebind the Project to Visual Source Safe. I had unbound the Project from Soure Control a little earlier for weird reasons I will keep to myself. Once I rebound the Project to Source Control via File -> Source Control -> Change Source Control I was able to add the new table to the Dataset. This was so stupidly illogical that it did not surprise me in the least.

Once day I will be able to explain why this makes any difference but today I can’t. But if you’re in a similar position why not try rebinding the Source Control? It worked for me and now I’m a multi-millionaire with a full head of hair and a tremendously loyal concrete hamster. Buy one today.

Random Thought 20-Jan-2011
Maybe rebinding the Project to Source Control make the .xsd files writable. Perhaps they had become unwritable when I unbound?


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