Over-Complexifying WPF Applications using Prism

For those getting started in WPF I recommend the WPF Boot Camp 2008 videos. Make sure you clink on the extended list of links.

An unexpected highlight was Glenn Block of Microsoft Patterns and Practices talking about Prism, the Composite Application Block for WPF. While valiantly attempting to explain Prism to a beginner audience in WPF without assuming prior knowledge of Dependency Injection, Glenn tells us:

There are things we can do to avoid over-complexifying an application beyond its natural complexity

I had trouble understanding this so I used Babelfish to Refactor it into Portuguese, from there into French, from there into German, from there into Greek and than back into English:

It exists things that we can make avoid a sobre-complexifying application apart from their natural complexity

That was a little better, but for added clarity I performed a second-phase refactoring, repeating the previous steps:

It exists the things that a application sobre-complexifying omitted their natural complexity you avoid this they can it can

If you have any further questions, please ping the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Team.


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