Powershell: WMI Error. RPC Server Unavailable in Xen AppServer Farm

I was getting a very puzzling RPC Server Unavailable error executing a WMI call in Powershell. The call itself was as something as simple as this:

$fruitbat = get-wmiobject -class Win32_OperatingSystem -computer BRUCE

I checked various things:
BRUCE was indeed up (online) had the RPC and WMI Services running, Windows Firewall was off, had a functioning Network Adapter and IP Address. Everything looked good.

Since BRUCE lives in a XenApp Farm I decided to make sure that the Farm was configured correctly and guess what there were some Discovery Errors when I looked inside the Citrix Access Management Console.

I ran ‘Configure Discovery’ from the Access Management Console and it completed but I was still getting RPC errors.

So, out of sheer desperation I recreated my Xen AppServer Farm.
I ran chfarm on BRUCE and recreated MyTestFarm.
Then I did a chfarm on all the other servers and re-joined them to BRUCE and MyTestFarm.

And all was well. Once again the Emergency Sacrificial Ferret was returned to his cage and started munching on those Chinese Peanuts roasted in Coconut Milk he likes so much.

So, if you’re getting RPC Server Unavailable in a Citrix Xen AppServer Farm, you’ve checked everything else and you’re feeling desperate – recreate your Farm. Your Ferret will love you for it.

As you can see the success of the WMI call depends on the health of your XenApp Farm. So before recreating the Farm, try some less aggressive fixes than I did. Recreating the entire Farm is like using a Chainsaw to get a crumpet out of your toaster. Try something a little gentler first.

1) Run “Configure Discovery” on ALL your Xen AppServer Farm servers and do that last on your Data Collector so that you know the DC is aware of all the Farm Servers.
2) Check that the Citrix IMA Service is running on all your Farm servers.

You might think of some others.
All the best!

Update: 28-Aug-2009
Here’s a little ripsnorter


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