ObjectDataSource could not find a non-generic method that has parameters: . for a SelectMethod

So I’ve got an ObjectDataSource with its SelectMethod set to ‘GetStuffById’ and the contract is GetStuffById(int stuffId) and the error in the title comes up.

I’m thinking ‘what the…of course it’s got parameters read the flamin’ contract!. I even had a beautiful FormParameter defined in the markup.

But I left something out. Yes, I left out the parameter NAME.
That’s why there’s a single blank space in the error message between ‘parameters:’ and ‘.’ where the list of parameter names goes.


My markup said:

asp:ObjectDataSource ID=”stuffDataSource” runat=”server” DataObjectTypeName=”StuffDto”
SelectMethod=”GetStuffByStuffId” TypeName=”StuffService” >
asp:FormParameter DefaultValue=”1″ /

Notice the FormParameter does not have a Name attribute? Yeah. Well I didn’t until about five minutes ago.

It should have read:
asp:FormParameter Name=”stuffId” DefaultValue=”1″

And yes, I’m eating my liver.


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