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Passed MCTS 70-536 Application Development Foundation. No Botulism.

February 9, 2009

Three cheers for me.

Since my MCSD in VB.NET for Framework 1.1 seemed about as relevant as expertise in developing stone-tool based UIs I decided to forge toward MCTS.

I passed 70-536 this morning with a scorching score of 947.
All credit to Actual Tests, of course.

I celebrated with a Two Choices On Boiled Rice for $A7.00 from Arike Japanese Take-Away in the local Food Court and do not yet have Botulism which makes it a double-win morning.

So now I’m your man if you want to say, define a Dynamic Assembly, load it into a child Application Domain and then save it to disk – one of the perhaps more obscure highlights of what Microsoft feels is Foundational Framework knowledge.

Of 40 questions there were only four questions which were not in the Actual Tests package. Of these one was a straightforward question about Threading, two were about IComparable (e.g. implementing type-safe IComparable) and one was a completely sick question about the ConfigurationElement class and how you use it to read a ConfigurationSection in conjunction with its DeserialiseElement method. That one was indistinguishable from encrypted Swahili but judging from the results I apparently got it right.

The test covered a broad area and I would say I was fairly fortunate with the selection I got served up. Only one question on Encryption and only one on Compression. About four on Globalisation.

So now I am one third of a MCPD or half an MCTS depending on how you slice it. Which puts me at least equal to this nine-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu. I have a horrific feeling of destiny that she will be my next Project Manager.

One thing about the Microsoft self-study materials, the examples on Encryption, Compression and many other topics are nowhere near as advanced as those in the Actual Tests package. It doesn’t seem right. The self-study materials should match the complexity and range of the exams but they don’t.

The official Microsoft self-study materials should be sufficient to pass the Microsoft exams.